Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 365: Mission Accomplished

One year ago today, I wrote a blog entry (Day 1), where I set a goal to run the SF Marathon one year from that point, in less than 4 hours. This was a slightly audacious goal, since I had never ran more than a couple miles before, and was very out of shape. But alas, I'm pleased to report that I did it!

Today's race was filled with memorable moments, including running across the Golden Gate, drum circles, gongs, live rock bands, Hip-hop DJs, and crossing the finish line. Some of my fellow runners included an elvis impersonator with a vuvuzela and a guy dressed as a Trojan warrior (metal shield and armor). For myself, I was cheered on by my parents and pushed my running pace from a planned 9:00 min/mile to an average 8:42 for the course, which added up to 3:48:01 for the day - 12 minutes better than my 4:00:00 goal. Although I'm quite sore, stiff, and tired (woke up at 4:30 AM!), I'm thrilled to have successfully completed my first marathon, especially with a time that surprised me. We'll see what's next, but I have a feeling this is just the beginning...


Uelsimon said...

That's pretty awesome.... what's planned for Day 730?

vamosannelies said...

That´s really cool Alec! Congratulations man!!!

Annelies Hamerlinck
(Vamos Expeditions)