Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Rest Stop

I'm finally back to the US, relaxing in California and preparing my move into my new place in San Francisco. My travels the last two months have been wonderful. I've never traveled so much in a two month time-frame, and will probably never do so again.

The top three highlights for me were:
1: Petra. I first visited Petra when I was 4, and have always wanted to go back. Walking through the Sikh to come upon the Treasury is the second coolest sight I've seen (hiking down to Machu Picchu at Sunrise is still #1).
2: Caves Monastery. The ancient caves along the Dnieper river are really a series of ancient underground corridors where priests over the centuries were mummified. It was pretty incredible to walk along the small passage ways with only a candle to light the way, and sounds of praying pilgrims.
3: Italy. The entire HBS Italy trek was extraordinary. We ate like kings, partied the rock stars, slept in castles, drank the best Italian wines, and lived la dolce vita to its fullest. Existing friendships were strengthened, and new friendships were formed on this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

So, since I'm a numbers guys, here's the count for May and June. 25 flights between 21 different airports took me to 8 countries. These 8 countries had 8 languages using one of four alphabets (Roman, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew). I slept in 15 different hotels, resting in no city for more than 5 nights. I used 6 different currencies, and took over 5,000 photos along the way. I'll post a few of them soon!

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