Monday, July 14, 2008


Our first two days in Paris have been great. The weather is a perfect
70 degreea. Our hotel, Hotel des Archives, is located in the Marais
district - just a few blocks from a lot of cool restaurants, shops,
patisseries, etc. We spent our first half day nursing our jetlag, and
taking care of Chitra, who has been a bit sick. Today, we slept in
and watched the Bastille Day military parade on TV, but saw the
military planes (fighter jets, AWACS, prop cargo planes...C130?,
attack helicoters, transport helicopters, etc) fly by our window. It
was impressive to see the heads of state joining Sarkozy to watch the
parade, including Merkel. Mubarak, Ban Ki Moon, and the Syrian leader.

In the afternoon, we made our way to the modern art museum, Centre
Pompidou (pictured above), which had provactive artwork as well as
some classics. We finished Bastille Day drinking in solidarity with
the other Parisians at a few cafes near our place.

Alex joined us in the afternoon, so we now have a group of four
enjoying beautiful Paris together.

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