Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Largest shawarma, ever

I just began my Middle East trip. We are starting with four nights in
Jordan. Today we saw Jerash, an incredibly well preserved Roman
city... complete with temples, large ampitheatres, and plazas. In the
evening, we stopped by "the most famous shawarma shack in Amman."
While the food lived up to the reputation, far more interesting was
the largest shawarma machine I have ever scene. Here's a photo of
them adding a new rack of meat (lamb):


alecdet said...

WOW!! Dad says that they must sell a lot of shawarmas We are glad you are having fun and you got there safely. We'll keep checking your blog page to see about your latest adventures. Cuidate mucho!!
Love, Mom & Dad

Rick said...

That is a bis shawarma. When I lived in Dubai, i used to eat them all the time. Yummy...